Fossil Free PERA Commissions Fossil Fuel Investment Analysis

The Fossil Free PERA campaign has commissioned a study in summer, 2019 that will analyze PERA's fossil fuel investments over the past 10 years. The study, similar to one conducted for New York State's Common Retirement Fund, will conduct a 10-year data retrieval of PERA's stock holdings, weights and valuations, and will demonstrate which fossil companies are the biggest drag on the portfolio's performance. 

The study will be conducted by Corporate Knights,  who also conducted a similar study for NYSCRF. 

The New York study found that NYSCRF lost $22 Billion over 10 years as a result of holding on to fossil fuel stocks. The study will plot two scenarios: a fossil free portfolio with fossil fuel stocks excluded, compared with PERA's current portfolio, which includes upwards of $1B in fossil fuel investments. 

The study's results will be available Fall, 2019. 

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Deb McNamara